[Image Description: A twitter conversation between lizzie c and British feminist writer Caitilin Moran:
lizzie c: “what a surprise @caitilinmoran loves lena dunham. white feminists who ignore the experiences of WOCs have got to stick together guys!!!”
Caitilin Moran: “@lizziecoan THANKS FOR YOUR INPUT”
lizzie c: “@caitilinmoran did you address the complete and utter lack of people of colour in girls in your interview? i sure hope so!”
Caitilin Moran: “@lizziecoan Nope. I literally couldn’t give a shit aboutit.”]






caitlin moran legitmately just told me that she could not give a shit about the representation of WOC. SHE JUST SAID THOSE EXACT WORDS. as one of the most prominent feminists in the UK today, her particular brand of white middle class feminism is THE FUCKING PITS AND I HATE HER. please excuse my rage but CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS.

her book is called ‘how to be a woman’. HOW TO BE A FUCKING WOMAN.

can i not be a woman if i think representation of WOC in modern media is really important? more important than the representation of white women?

fuckkkkk her


in which caitlin moran reaffirms her status as an arsehole

Oh white feminists, I’m done with you for today.

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