Someone asked for a process / tutorial post.. The truth is I am always looking for ways to work faster so the process and the style always changes. I went a little bit crazy over the past month because I had the time so I played around a lot.. This one is not fast at all so I am regretting a bit.. But it works for this project.

1. finished (clean up painting on topmost layer, mostly with a small opaque brush)

2. sketch layer - drawn first in a single colour, when done tick opacity lock and slop in colours

3. painting - two new layers - inks and messy colours - I switch between the two, it’s sometimes more fun to ink after blocking out the shapes.

You will always end up working towards your own process that suits you the best, but I think it’s always cool to see how someone else works, hope this was fun. And I nearly forgot to say thanks to GD and TOP for the hair colour inspirations haha

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