Frequently Asked Questions about 
Cartoon Hangover & Too Cool! Cartoons 

You want to make a cartoon short for Cartoon Hangover and Too Cool! Cartoons? These FAQs should tell you what you need to know:

How do I pitch? 

To get a Too Cool! greenlight, we’ll ultimately need to see a brief pitchboard —not a full storyboard— of your short. Thumbnails, more or less. Most of the dialog should be there. We like to consider ourselves as fresh viewers, and shouldn’t be concerned with any sort of the more traditional pitches including bibles and so forth. That said, we’ll look at anything to get the ball rolling and help you out however we can.

What if I have an idea and I’m not an animator? 

We’d still love to hear your idea. If we all agree in the potential, we’ll be happy to introduce you talented cartoonists whom we admire.

May I submit a cartoon I’ve already completed?

For pitching purposes, sure, but it’s important that the cartoons we release are all Cartoon Hangover originals.*

Where will the cartoons be produced? 

Frederator Studios will produce the shorts for Cartoon Hangover. In the past, our cartoons have been produced in Burbank, Korea, Indiana, China, Glendale, New York City, Tokyo, Glendale, Italy, Hawaii, Venice Beach, and so on.

You’ve worked with so many great creators over the years, will there be room for people like me that you don’t already know? 

We pride ourselves in being open to new voices and ideas. Over 90% of the shorts we produce are from creators we’ve never worked with before.

What rights do I keep? 

You own all your character rights, Cartoon Hangover owns the produced film.

Before any production starts, we will negotiate a contract with you that will detail your participation in production and what you’ll be paid in salary and royalties.  

What if I have an animation idea that doesn’t work for Cartoon Hangover? Is that all you’re interested in? 

We’re interested in hearing about any animated idea you’ve got for television series and animated feature films.

How do I pitch? How do I find out more? 

Email Eric Homan at He’ll guide you from there. Eric’s worked with some of the world’s greatest creators, first timers and veterans alike; you’ll be in good hands.

Thanks for reading this far. We’re looking forward your ideas, and hope you’re as excited about Cartoon Hangover and Too Cool! Cartoons as we are.


* If you have your own YouTube channel, we’d love to have you join our network for distribution. You can write to for more information. 


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