Be relentless without being obnoxious. Be ambitious, and own your ambition—that goes especially for women. It’s okay to say, ‘I want greatness.’

A conversation with the wonderful Roxane Gay on The Great Discontent. The above calls to mind Debbie Millman’s memorable advice to “imagine immensities.”

Previous TGD interviews have included Debbie MillmanAustin KleonJohn Maeda, and yours truly.

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Women are sharing their comebacks to instances of everyday sexism



and it’s amazing


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Ray Bradbury on failure, why we hate work, and the importance of love in creative endeavors – a wonderful addition to our ongoing archive of sage advice on writing and life.




these are fucking paintings

I saw the caption and I died

these are my favorite.

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So, hypothetically… if I could take a bunch of MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) and read books at Barnes and Noble all day… and then be able to display my knowledge and understanding of the subject on an equal, if not higher, level than a college student… then, hypothetically… why is everyone paying for college again?

(Answer: Because a college degree isn’t about education, it’s a class marker. If we cared about everyone being educated, we would accredit free online courses and allow people to achieve intellectual growth and success without going into debt. But that’s not what college is for. I mean, yeah in college you can travel and learn from amazing professors and start your own anything and have access to facilities and resources and money, yeah, college is all that. And I’m not discrediting anyone who loves college but… college, at the end of the day is a business. College is just one more big way to perpetuate the system. But I say f**k the system, man.) #FreeEducationForAll #LearnRadically

Vanessa Newman (Washington, DC) -

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Gender violence has occurred with such frequency for so long in this country that many people are no longer alarmed by how common it is. It is the status quo, an unremarkable feature of the social landscape.

What is perhaps even more disturbing is that in this culture, many people see gender violence as a problem of sick or damaged individuals, and not as a social phenomenon that’s causes—and solutions—lie in much larger social forces. So let me be clear. There is no such thing as an isolated incident of rape, battering, sexual abuse, or sexual harassment. These are not merely individual pathologies. It is not enough for us to ask in each case: “What went wrong in his life?” “Why would he do something like that?” These problems are much too widespread for us to think about them in such narrow terms.


Hey everyone! A while ago I was commissioned to do some guest artist cover illustrations for a new comic called Veiled & Vile created by Sam Lenn. 

The comic covers the story explores the lives of several incarcerated female super villains that have to work together to survive as well as escape. Throughout the comics it will go in depth about the characters’ complex pasts of super villainy as they try to break out.

The comic is available for pre-order HERE

And you can go to Sam’s tumblr HERE for the process of creating his comic and also get updates on the next issues and when my cover illustrations will be making their debut 


Porn is one of the biggest and most harmful industries in the world, closely affiliated with human trafficking and drugs and alcohol abuse, causing rape between children, violence, beastiality and pedophilism and its fetishizing race, underage girls, trans people and lesbianism. Thought you should know. 

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Zween & Zeen Co. is proud to officially present handmade rugs purchased from local artists in the Marrakesh mountains of Morocco. These lovely rugs are a perfect accent to any home, apartment, or dorm.

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Our first ever Trans* Pride March, was a heart-felt success. We anticipated around 100 people for the march, and we were emotionally overwhelmed with the people who turned up, with banners, acapella songs (thanks Rainbow Chorus!), instruments playing soundscapes, friends & allies. It was extremely special and a great way to kick off our main event day, Pride in the Park at New Steine Gardens. You can read about it here in Gscene online.

Also, in the park, we are pleased to report 1923 unique visitors. Way more than we anticipated. You can read about Pride in the Park here.

Today is the last day of our three day event, with a BYO picnic & BBQ at the beach directly down from the New Steine Gardens, from 12 midday. Look for the Trans* Pride flags.

Fox & Lew will be filming for a My Genderation video to document this year’s event.

More details: FB page

It was a brilliant event, wonderful atmosphere, glorious weather (almost too good, darn was it hot), just a lot of fun and yeah…. just thanks to all the organisers and volunteers for putting on and enabling such -a wonderful event to be run.

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The crowded streets of Delhi, India, in front of the Jama Masjid -late 19th century


Blueberry Yogurt, Milk & Vanilla - 20th, 21st & 22nd Soft Serve I Had In 2014

Inventory Clearance!! - 在庫一掃の三枚同時公開であります♪♪

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Two days in a car and my Grand Uncle, Grand Aunt, cousin and myself made it to Cape Breton.

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okay u can make fun of Shrek all you want but if u don’t think they were the most beautiful fucking movies ever then ur wrong

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Sketchbook dump from instagram

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