I made a comic with pretty much the same punchline as this other comic I made maybe no one will notice


Super quickly drawn doodle comic of a very important realization.

*UPDATE: This boob comic has become my most popular post on tumblr, surpassing things that took me months to make. Who would have thought touching your boob at 3AM could bring such glory




Monkeyin’ Around

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Another Character Study

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Amy Toensing Shares the Story Behind Her Photographs of the Oldest Culture On Earth

At an estimated 60,000 years old, the indigenous culture of Australia, the Aboriginals, are estimated to be the oldest still-surviving culture on the planet. And in the above video world-renown photographer Amy Toensing shares her experience photographing this incredibly unique culture for National Geographic, delivering an extremely heartfelt talk about the hardships the Aboriginal culture has continually faced since their land was colonized in 1788.

Toensing is a New York-based photojournalist who has shot for National Geographic,SmithsonianThe Boston GlobeThe Wall Street Journal and TIME Magazine, just to name a few. Her husband, Matt Moyer, and herself run a blog on which they share their experience traveling around the world capturing life and culture one frame at a time.

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First century Roman mosaic with the Greek motto, ‘Know Thyself.’


Crown, Northern Song dynasty or Liao dynasty, 10th-11th century (bronze with gilding & repoussé decor)


Taking stock of today’s art world: “The artist has undergone an enormous increase in value, to the point of idolization. But success has come at a high price, with the power of the art system, the adjustment to taste guidelines, and the dependence on galleries and curators. To create something new all one’s own, while remaining in the game, is a balancing act that only few succeed at mastering.”

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Rare photo of an 8 year-old Helen Keller with her teacher Anne Sullivan. Taken in 1888, it is possibly the first photo of the two together. It was lost for 120 years, only rediscovered in March 2008


The image, released by the New England Historic Genealogical Society, was taken 120 years ago and shows an eight-year-old Keller holding the hand of Anne Sullivan, whose legacy is almost as important. She was the teacher who first taught Keller how to understand and articulate language. More important still for Keller scholars, the black and white photograph shows her holding in another hand a doll. The word “doll” was the first Keller ever spoke - the fruit of her lessons from Ms Sullivan, whose technique included spelling out words on the palm of the little girl’s hand.

The picture, apparently taken at Cape Cod in July 1888, was found in an album by Thaxter Spencer, 87, whose mother was a childhood friend of Keller. Mr Spencer donated the album and other items including diaries and letters to the genealogical society last June (2007). However, the group did not notice the particular photograph until now (March 2008).

'Picture of Helen Keller as a child revealed after 120 years'- The Independent (Mar 7, 2008)

Joseph Philippe Lemercier Laroche was the only known black man aboard the Titanic. He and his family held second class tickets and were traveling to Haiti for better opportunities. He did not survive but his family did.



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Canola oil was originally called rapeseed oil, but rechristened by the Canadian oil industry in 1978 because it was hard to sell something with rape in the name. “Canola” is short for “Canadian oil.”

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